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16 March, 2006

(This list supercedes previous lists & is subject to change without notice)

**** Prices  INCLUDE G.S.T. but not FREIGHT ****



Anthurium bakeri                                                                                                                                                                                                4"-$6

Anthurium bogotense                          Saggitate leaves with flared basal lobes, upright stance.LTD.                                                                 6”-$20

Anthurium clarinervum                                                                                                                                                                                       4”-$15

Anthurium crystallinum                                                                                                                                                                                      4"-$8

Anthurium dussi                                  Huge growing rippled leaves with undulate margins.                                                                             6"-$14

Anthurium pendulifolium                   Long strap leaves.                                                                                                                                   4”-$12

Anthurium ‘purple velvet x marmoratum’ Combination of 2 great velvet leaved species.                                                                                4”-$20

Anthurium plowmanii.                        Rigid undulate leaved birdsnest                                                                                                               4”-$15

Anthurium schotti                                Large flat leaf with undulate margins.Rarely found in collections.                                                          4”-$30

Anthurium veitchii                               Pendulous, oblong  strap leaves up to 1m long. The closely spaced veins create

a puckered effect.This is the King of anthuriums, a must have.                                              4”-$10     6”-$20

Anthurium warocqueanum.                Queen of Anthuriums.One of the classic beauties of the genus.                                                             5”-$20

Anthurium waroqueanum ‘wild colected columbian clone xcult sp’.Should intoduce some darker genes and vigour.                                  4”-$25



Anthurium oerstedianum P19 R11     Large cordate leaves, erect plant. Purple berries.                                                                                     6”-$20

Anthurium furcatum                           New Equadorean release. Stunning trilobe leaf.                                                                      4”-$12     6”-$20

Anthurium longiacuminata.                This uniformly marked elliptical leaf is easily recognised.                                                                      4”-$20

Anthurium pallidiflorum                     Strap shaped velvety leaves with prominent midrib.                                                                               4”-$20-

Anthurium sp                       Broadly lanceolate, pendulous strap leaf to 60cm. Prominently raised mid vein. White berries.             4”-$15     6”-$30

Anthurium sp                       Cordate, dark green shiny leaves, white/green flower. Large growing erect plant. Pink berries.             6”- 20      8"-$35

Anthurium sp                       Large green, round, velvet leafed, beautiful anthurium. Pink berries.                                                      6”-$20     8”-$50

Anthurium sp                       Long velvet leaves with distinctive paler venation,  .”long velvet”                                                          4”-$15     6”-$20

Anthurium sp                       Prominent lime green midrib, marked venation, large leaves.                                                                  4”-$12    6”-$20

Anthurium spp.                    Indented regular venation make this new addition popular.Like veitchii with thin leaves.                       4”-$15     6”-$25



Alocasia - ? x between lowii & micholitziana     Holds many leaves, dark satin green with lime mid-rib and lateral veins.                               4”-$10

Alocasia amazonica                                                                                                                                                                                               4"-$8

Alocasia chantrierana                                                                                                                                                                                           3"-$10

Alocasia "corozon"                                                                                                                                                                                               4"-$12

Alocasia clypeata”green cuprea”                                                                                                                                                         4”-$8       6”-$10

Alocasia heterophylla                                                                                                                                                                                           3"-$12

Alocasia inornata.Malaysia and Sumatra                                                                                                                                                          6”-$20

Alocasia longliloba (Borneo)                                                                                                                                                                4”-$6       6”-$10

Alocasia lowii                         Strongly patterned leaves.Strong grower.                                                                                                        6”-$15

Alocasia maximiliana                                                                                                                                                                                            6”-$15

Alocasia portei                                                                                                                                                                                                       6”-$12

Alocasia scabriuscula                                                                                                                                                                           4”-$10     6”-$15

Alocasia spStingray              Strange and popular abberation from PNG                                                                                                             S/S-$20

Alocasia "spotted papua"                                                                                                                                                                                   6"-$20

Alocasia sp. Thai (Thailand)                                                                                                                                                                               4”-$10

Alocasia watsoniana                                                                                                                                                                                             3"-$8



Amorphophallus bulbifer                    (India, Nepal). The name aptly applies to the plant’s ability to vegetatively reproduce itself  

                by forming bulbils in the axis of the veins  on its solitary leaf. Leaf margins hot pink. Beautiful          

clear apricot/pink spathe and cream spadix, highly mottled short peduncle.                            3”-$4       6”-$6

Amorphophallus decus-silvae             Phallus of gigantic proportions,rare.                                                                                                       $50

Amorphophallus galbra.                                                                                                                                                                                      2”-$12

Amorphophallus gigas.Indonesia.      Rich chocalate spathe on 3m petiole.Rare                                                                                                $55

Amorphophallus henryii.                     Blue seeded small growing species from Taiwan                                                                                    3”-$20

Amorphophallus hewittii.                    Borneon species,large and striking                                                                                                          3”-$25

Amorphophallus longituberosus                                                                                                                                                                        $15

Amorphophallus paeonifolius             Pan-tropical from Madagascar to Northern Australia. Huge, fat, short peduncled                                  $12

maroon flowers followed by solitary leaf.                                                                                               3”-$8

Amorphophallus prainii (Malaysia).                  Large creamy coloured flowers on short peduncle giving the  appearance of

being at ground level. Flowers before foliage. Solitary leaf on petiole up to 3m.                    3”-$15

Amorphophallus symonianus.            Thai species named after avid phallus collector                                                                                       3”-$15

Amorphophallus variabilis.                                                                                                                                                                                 2”-$12

Arisaema roxburghii.Thailand.           Tropical arisaema with wonderfully pattered petiole and flr.                                                                   3”-$20

Dracontium sp                                                                                                                                                                                                     S/S-$20




Agave desmettiana.                               Attractive vase shaped plant.   Larger plants available.                                                                            6”-$10

Aglaonema commutatum var commutatum cv’Elegans’                 Elegantly patterned with silver on dark green.                                         6”-$8

Aglaonema phillipenense var. stenophyllum f.longifolium               Not common in cultivation, very narrow blade.                                      S/S-$8

Anchomanes difformis                         Armed aroid with similar leaf to amorphophallus.                                                                                  3”- $8

Asplundia lanceolata                            Narrow leafed cyclanthus.Architectural plant.                                                                         10”-$20   6”-$10

Asplundia martiana                             Palm like appearance, takes full sun, bifid leaf. Unusual flower with white filaments.                           6”-$12

Asplundia sp                                         Dark green pleated leaf, bifid, striking white flowers with 10cm tendrils.                                              6”-$12

Caladium lindenii                                 Previously Xanthosoma. Handsome plants with green and white bands.                                               8”-$15

Calathea lutea                                       Large growing, full sun calathea with white waxy undersides to leaves.                                                $15

Calathea warscewiczii                           Velvet leaves with dark markings. Soft white flowers.                                                                           5"-$8

Cochliostema odoratissimum              One of the sought after blue flowered plants.          Scented.   NEW.                                                     4”-$25

Cochliostema odoratissimum “Purple foliage”  Intense blue flowers, striking foliage      Scented                                                                    $25

Cyrtosperma cuspidispathum             Large growing aroid with black flowers.                                                                                6”-$18     8”-$25

Cyrtosperma ferox                            Heavily armed mottled stem white flower. Borneo                                                                      3”-$30   

Cyrtosperma johnstonii                       One of the classic old aroids, reddish venation.                                                                                      6”-$20

Cyrtosperma hambalii x [beccarii xcuspidispathum]       Small growing hamballii style flower, large posterior lobes. Erect flower.             6”-$20

Curculigo sp. (Phillipines).                   . Erect lanceolate leaves with purple underneath                                                                                      4”-$8

Durio spp.                                              Durien seedlings of this Asian fruit.                                                                                                       S/S-$20

Euphorbia viguieri var. ankarafantsiensis         Two rows of bright red flowers, large, red tinged leaves that defoliate.                                  4”-$8

Furcraea gigantia variagata                 Striking landscape feature. Available September.                                                                                    From$20

Hippeastrum reticulatum striatofolium              White striped leaves with rose pink flowers. Brazil.                                                               6”-$12

Homalomena saggittifolia ‘Borneo Red’             Dark green upper leaf with dark red underside and petiole. Grows to 800mm.                      6”-$16

Medinella dolichophylla                                                                                                                                                                                       6”-$20

Pandanus concinna                                                                                                                                                                                              6”-$20

Pandanus pygmaeus                            Ideal border plant, dwarf, variegated leaf.                                                                                               S/S-$6

Pandanus spp.”Giant blue PNG”       Striking feature plant, dimensions have to be seen to be believed.                                          3"-$15  12”-$55

Peliosanthes campanulatus                  Small lily like plant which has a most unusual flower and blue fruits.                                                    3"-$10

Philodendron bipinnatifidium             Interesting form with frilly terminal leaflets.                                                                                           6”-$20

Philodendron tenue                              Quilted leaves, short internodes. Suitable for shaded areas. Previously P.equadorense.                         8”-$20

Philodendron sp.Equador                   Birdsnest type, showy ribbed leaves.                                                                                                      6"-$12

Philodendron rugosum                        Textured leaves, seed grown plants which have developed nicely.                                                         5”-$15

Philodendron williamsii                        Classic collector’s plant. Self heading with deeply hastate leaves to 1m long.        S/saver & 6”-$20    8”-$25

Sansaverias compactum                       Lanceolate leaf, yellow edged. Useful for landscaping.                                                                           6”-$8

Sansaverias grandis                              Very broad leafed to 150mm. Known as somali hemp in its home range.                              6”-8”:$15-$25

Sansaverias                                            Various variegated.                                                                                                                 S/S- $4 to $20

Schismataglottis neoguinensis ‘Green Spotted’                 Good ground cover, white splashed ovate leaves.                                                   6”-$8

Schismataglottis sp (Borneo)               Purple petiole.                                                                                                                                         6”-$8

Schismataglottis sp ‘Silver Blur’.        PNG                                                                                                                                                        6”-$8

Schismataglottis sp ‘Silver Splash’     PNG                                                                                                                                                        6”-$8

Schismataglottis sp 'Silver Sword'                                                                                                                                                                      S/S-$8

Schismataglottis trivitata                     Develops into a handsome clump standing 900mm, feature plant.                                                          6”-$15

Schismataglottis venusta.                     Gunmetal grey with contrasting central stripe.New release                                                                    4”-$12

Tacca integrifolia syn Niveum - ‘White Bat Plant’            Spectacular feature plant.                                                                                         6”-$20

Tacca multifida.                                    Madagascar.Tall growing species.                                                                                                          4”-$20

Tacca palmata.Borneo                                                                                                                                                                                          4"-$8

Urospatha sagittifolia                       Tropical aroid from Central America. Large sagittate leaves, maroon and cream spathes.       S/S-$18 6”-$25



Mini Mondo-Ophiopogon japonicus                                                                                                                                                                  3”-$4

Ophiopogon variegated                        Variegated mondo adds colour to borders.                                                                                              S/S-$4

Pandanus pygmaeus-variegated dwarf-yellow variegation make this a useful landscaping plant.                                                                     S/S-$4



Adansonia grandidieri                         The tallest of the boabs,absolutely majestic.                                                                                            N/T-$20

Araucaria columnaris.New Caledonia.               Narrowest of the Araucaucarias frm Ilse of Pines.                                                  6”-$15     8”-$25

Attractocarpus sp.                                Dark foliage with white flowers.Related to gardenia.cold tol. Strong                                                     3”-$10

Bauhinia forficata.South America.     Shrub with huge spidery white flowers,red stamens.cold tol.                                                                 S/S-$10

Bombax ceiba.Widespresd in Old World           Large glossy red flowers.                                                                                                        6”-$10

Brownea macrophylla.Panama.          Upright orange-red flowers,flushes of pink new growth                                                                        6”-$25

Caesalpinia pulcherrima                      Pride of Barbados.  Showy yellow spikes. Classic tropical tree.                                                            S/S-$6

Chorisa speciosa                                   Large flowers on this boab like Brazilian tree.                                                                        6”-$15 8”-$25

Desmos chinensis.India                        Highly scented in the evenings. Shrub-small tree.                                                                                   S/S-$15

Erythrina speciosa.Brazil.                    Deciduous.Red upright flowers.                                                                                             Lgr avail  6”-$10

Erythrina verna.Brazil.                        Orange flowers.                                                                                                                                      s/s-$10

Ficus drammaropsis.PNG                    Large corrugated leaves on a small open tree.cold tolerant                                                      Lgr avail  6”-$25

Gustavia angustifolia.Amazon.           Soft pink open flws to 15cm.Bronze new growth.                                                                                  5”-$6

Jacaranda caerulea.                              One of the bluest of the jacarandas.                                                                                                         3”-$6

Maniltoa lenticelleta.                             White flowers and wonderful flushes of pale pink new growth.                                             S/L-$5     8”-$25

Posoqueria latifolia                        White tubular flowers to 16cm                                                                                                                6”-$20

Schefflera sp.Borneo.                            New release.small plant  to 1m.Central yellow flowers.                                                                          $20

Syzygium wilsonii.                                Understory shrub,deep pink flowers,coloured new growth                                                                    6”-$10

Tabebuia chrysosticha.Brazil.             Small open tree with bright yellow flowers                                                                                             S/S-$10

Tabebuia spp.                                       White flowered species.                                                                                                                          3”-$15

Tabebuia roseo-alba.Brazil                  Stunning,white flowers with pale rose throat.                                                                                         3”-$25

Tabernaemontana pachysiphon.        Small tree/large shrub,white flowers,exquisite perfume,dark green foliage.                                            4”-$20



Costus sp.                                              Terminal roselike buds,deep pink.                                                                                           rhizome-$15

Costus barbatus                                   Red with yellow day flowers. Flowers like back scratchers, but soft.                                     rhizome-$12

Etlingera sp                                           New release for us. Helani tulip type pink flower, good clean cut flower.                                              $15

Etlingera sp. ‘Pink Torch’                   Clear pink form, very large growing.                                                                                      rhizome-$15

Etlingera venusta.                                 Candy pink flowers and persistant red seed head.                                                                   Rhizome/pots$20

Heliconia aemygdiana                           Burle Marx sppaemygdiana.Hot pink,yellow and green flwrs!!                                                             8”-$25

Heliconia aemygdiana var transandina.Orange and green are the clour combination here.                                                                                8”-$25

Heliconia chartacea”Sexy Pink”          Classic beauty.                                                                                                                                        8”-$25

Heliconia irrasa.                                    Flowers for xmas in bold yellow and red on this Ecuadorean form.                                                       6”-$12

Heliconia sclerotricha                            Russetty maroon infloresence with yellow day flowers, hanger. NEW for the collector.                       8”-$20

Riedelia carolina                                    PNG Striking red stems and lanceolate leaves to 1metre, basal red flowers, seed grown.                      6”-$25

Zingiber spectabile                                NEW Giant Form! Apricot, early flowering.                                                                                        6”-$25

Zingiber venosum                              Striking, attracts attention for its deep purplish black flowers and purple back to leaves.                       6”-$25

Zingiber Thailand. New                   Orange basal flowers. Striking foliage                                                                                                    6”-$30



Areca vestaria. Celebes.                        Orange crownshafts and broad dark green leaves.                                                                  3”-$3       S/S-$5

Areca videliana                                      Small growing sp from Phillipines.                                                                                                         3”-$6

Arenga caudata.Borneo.                      Pencil thin canes to 1m,clumping palm.Suitable for hedge.                                                                     3”-$3

Arenga hookeriana                                                                                                                                                                               3”-$8   S/S-$10

Arenga microcarpa                                                                                                                                                                                               8”-$25

Bactris glandulosa.Panama.Costa Rica              Plumose leaves with golden pubecense,few spines.                                                3”-$10  S/S-$15

Bactris grayumi.Costa Rica-Honduras              Complete leafed .Leaves wider and shorter than B.militaris                                                    S/S-$15  

Bactris militaris                                                                                                                                                                                     3”-$25  S/S-$40

Brassiophoenix schumannii                 Attractive angular leaflets and scurf patterns on young trunks                                                                3”-$2

Calyptocalyx spSth Nauru.PNG.        Easy to grow understory palm                                                                                                                3”--$3

Calyptrocalyx elegans.PNG.                                One of Marias originals.Bright red new leaf.                                                                          3”-$4

Calyptogyne ghiesbreghtiana.Costa Rica.         Collected in habitat from complete leaved specimens.Striking.                               3”-$4       S/S-$6

Caryota zebrina                                                                                                                                                                                                    S/S-$20

Chamaedorea metallica                                                                                                                                                                                        6”-$5

Dypsis acuminum.Madagascar           Beautiful dark ringed trunk with powderysilvercrownshaft                                                                   3”$6-$8

Dypsis albofarinosa.Madagascar.       Trunks slim to 6cm,powdery white crownshaft.                                                                                     3”-$8

Dypsis cf tsaravoasira.Madagascar.   Large palm with arching leaves and prominent ash crownshaft                                                              3”-$6

Dypsis decipiens                                                                                                                                                                                    S/S-$8     6”-$8

Dypsis leucophylla                                No sign of this name in Dransfields book. Attractive, strong growin     g plants with glossy leaves.     8”-$25

Dypsis lutea.Madagascar.                    Plants do not match the description but have complte bfid lves                                                               3”-$8

Dypsis pulchella.Madagascar              Dransfields book illutates a small palm with entire bifid leaves                                                              3”-$6

Dypsis pusilla.Madagascar                  Used to be vonitra.Fibrous stem to 1.5m.                                                                               S/S-$6     6’-$8

Dypsis remotifolia.Madagascar           Plants currently have complete leaves.Bronze new leaf.                                                                          S/S-$20

Dypsis sp.                                              Large seed.                                                                                                                                              6”-$8

Dypsis santaemariae.Madagascar.      Upright complete bifid leaves,3-5cmtrunk to 3m.Striking.                                                                      3”-$3

Dypsis scottiana                                    Wild collected seed.                                                                                                                                 3”-$8

Geonoma spbroad leaf.Ecuador.         Broad bifid complte leaf.Newleaf bronze.Strong grower.                                                                       S/S-$10

Gronophyllum leddmannianum PNG                Slender palm,jagged leaves,silvery underneath                                                                       3”-$6

Gronophyllum pingangoides                                                                                                                                                                               S/S-$8

Heterospathe micrantha                                                                                                                                                                                       8”-$30

Heterospathe scitula.Phillipines           Stiff,erect 2cm trunks to 2m,clustering.Bronze new leaf.                                                                        2”-$2

Iguanura sp.                                          Single spike.                                                                                                                                           S/S-$6

Iguanura macrostachys.Borneo.         Small growing elegant understory palm                                                                                                  3”-$12

Iguanura sp.highly pinnate.Malaysia.                Attractive easy to grow species.                                                                                              3”-$6

Iguanura spectabilis.Malaysia.            Spectacular understory palm with large complete leaves,strong                                              3”-$15     8”-$40

Iguanura wallichiana                                                                                                                                                                           2”-$4       3”-$5

Iriartea deltoidea.South America.       Plumose foliage and stilt roots.Striking palm.         Strong                                                                     6”-$25

Johannesteijsmannia magnifica.Malaysia          Large diamond shaped leaves silver under.Like nothing else!!                                               6”$35

Kerriodoxa elegans.Thailand.              Elegance,black shiny petioles with no spines,white under lvs                                                 3’-$8       S/S-$10

Licuala aurantiaca.Thailand               Clustering sp to 2m.20 segments per leaf.Suitable for hedging                                                               3”-$6

Licuala bintuluensis.Borneo.               Long petioles and 5-7 large widely spaced leaflets                                                                                  3”-$8

Licuala densiflora.Borneo.                   Delicate palm 40cm tall with bifid -3 segments.4yr old plants                                                                3’-$25

Licuala elegans.Thailand.                    Entire leaf.Cold tolerent.Full sun.well established S/L                                                                            3”-$8

Licuala grandis                                                                                                                                                                                                     3”-$3

Licuala lauterbachii var bougainvillensis           Leaves to 1m,7segments with large central segment.                                                              2”-$6

Licuala lauterbachii.PNG.                    Large wheel to 1m of evenly spacewd and sized leaflets.                                                                        3”-$3

Licuala mapu                                                                                                                                                                                                        3”-$55

Licuala orbicularis.Borneo.                  One of the most elegant understory palms.                                                             3”-$12 8”-$100+ S/S-$25+

Licuala sp#1.Borneo.                            Strong growing.no description available.                                                                                                6”-$12

Licuala sp #11.Borneo                          Leaflets held erect on these small orbicle leaves.Attractive.                                                                     3”-$12

Licuala sp#12 Borneo                           Attractive palm,shade and moisture.Acaulesent.20 leaflets                                                                     3”-$12

Linospadix sp. aff. albertsiana (PNG)                                                                                                                                                                8”-$35

Licuala “Yal bral”. PNG                      Acaulescent.6-7widely spaced narrow leaflets..                                                                                      S/S-$12

Mauritiella aculeata.Amazon.              Fine pendulous leaflets.found near water.                                                                                               S/S-$15

Pelagodoxa henryana                           germinated seed $15                                                                                                                                45L-$150

Pholidostachys sp.Costa Rica              Understory palm from moist areas.small growing.Ltd.                                                                           3”-$12

Pholidostachys sp.Costa Rica.             Strong growing plants.Understory,small growing.                                                                                 S/S-$10

Physokentia insolita.Solomons.           Famous for its stilt roots,maybe up to 1.5m                                                                                            S/S-$10

Pinanga caesia.Sulawesi.                      Leaves are always mottled on this medium sized pinanga.                                                                      3”-$6

Pinanga disticha.Thailand.                  New leaves densly mottled.Understory.                                                                                                  3”-$15

Ravenea dransfieldii.Madagascar       Short palm with 3m leaves with hanging leaflets.                                                                                   S/S-$15

Reinhardtia simplex                                                                                                                                                                                             3” & S/S-$8

Rhapis excelsa                                                                                                                                                                                       6”-$8       8”-$14

Sabal yapa.Cuba to Mexico                 Drought tolerant.Powdery blue under leaf.Established plants.                                                                S/S-$25

Synecanthus fibrosus.Central America.             Ornamental solitary understory palm                                                                      8”-$10     S/S-$6



Zamia picta.Central America.             Yellow spotting + markings on the leaves are unusual in cycas                                                              3”-$6

Zamia skinneri.Panama.                      The greenleafed skinneri,dark grren innervated leaflets.                                                                          3”-$10

Zamia accuminata                                                                                                                                                                                            S/S-$20

Zamia neurophyllidia                                                                                                                                                                                           8"-$35

Zamia polymorpha                                                                                                                                                                                               3”-$8



Aechmea blanchettiana                        Lime green leaves turning gold with flowering  red/yellow inflorescence to 2m.                                    offsets $20

Aechmea mariae-reginae                      Queen of the aecmeas,large,spectacular pink bracts                                                                                $25

Aechmea orlandiana                             Prominent leaf pattern with black zigzag bands and spots.                                                                      5”-$15

Aechmea kentii.                                     Brilliant fire engine red centres when flowering.                                                                                     3”-$12

Aechmea pectinata                                Foliage assumes hot pink colour during flowering.                                                                                $12

Aechmea ramosa festiva.                      This form has coloured foliage and persistent yellow berries                                                                  6”-$20

Aechmea spectabilis                              The name describes this aptly.                                                                                                                 4”-$10

Alcantarea imperialis rubra.                Spectacular.Feature plant,fullsun or shade.                                                                                             4”-$25

Alcantarea nahoumanii                        Very impressive yellow and red infloresence to 1.5m.Full sun.rare in cultivation.                                 6”-$20

Hohenbergia leopold horsteii               Almost full sun.Metallic grey with black tips on urn shaped plant.                                                         $35

Hohenbergia stellata                             Vivid red long lasting inflorescence.                                                                                                       $10

Hohenbergia stellata Pink                    A nicely coloured pink in contrast to the red forms boldness.                                                                 4”-$15

Pitcairnia funkiae                                  Costa Rica. Dark-wine red flower like tapeinochilos infloresence.                                                         4”-$15

Pitcairnia sp.                                          Broad leaved sp,large growing with strong red flowers                                                                          $10

Quesnelia arvensis                                Scarlet red rosette flower.                                                                                                                        $8

Werauhia sanguinolenta var. rubra   Bronze leaves, large plant that takes lot of sun. Striking landscape feature.                                            4”-$15

Vriesea regina                                        Holds many leaves, white underside and scented flowers, full sun or shade.                                         8”-$30

Vriesea imperialis                                  Full sun, large growing spectacular feature plant.                                                                                   6”-$30